Difficult Roads Lead to Beautiful Destinations.

As an entrepreneur your business is all consuming. Every failure feels catastrophic, every lost or not booked client is taken personally, and every obstacle is viewed as insurmountable. And guess what? Every single one of these feelings is NORMAL! 

We put our heart and soul into creating something (a business or product or program) that we hope impacts people, that provides us with the life we have dreamt of, and that allows us to say “I did that!” But the journey to get to our goal doesn’t happen along a smooth, flat, freshly paved road. It occurs in the trenches of mud, on the peaks of mountains, and in the midst of sideways rain & thunderstorms. 

In those testing moments of growth and uncertainty it’s all too easy to tell yourself, “I want to give up”, “this isn’t worth it”, or “I am not capable of achieving my goal.” It’s in those moments that you HAVE to remain laser focused on your vision, flexible, and motivated!

Here are my top 10 favourite ways to stay motivated when things get tough:

  • Keep affirmations where I can see them. Usually posted on my bathroom mirror and computer screen.

  • Read motivational quotes. I read at least 5 a day!! 

  • Surround myself with like-minded inspiring people. When I am down these people can support me, can drag me back up, and can inspire me to keep going! 

  • Create rewards for my goals. When I plan out my quarterly and yearly goals I assign a reward to each goal, that way I am extra motivated to achieve that goal. 

  • Ensure I schedule personal time. This may come in the form of a workout at the gym, a bubble bath, patio time with girlfriends, whatever it is it is essential to your mindset remaining in the game!

  • Be honest with yourself. Accept your losses, learn from them, grow, and pivot when you need to! Just because the way you thought you should do it isn’t working, doesn’t mean that you can’t change your course of action.

  • Practice gratitude. The more we share the things we are grateful for the more the Universe will give us things to be grateful for.

  • Plan and organize my schedule. I use time management processes (like the Pomodoro method) to ensure that all tasks are completed on time and my schedule is organized.

  • Set boundaries. I have them set for myself (like close the computer at 5PM) and for my clients. 

  • Be unique! Practice authenticity in every action. 

Above all else remember that you are stronger than any obstacle you face and capable of surpassing every challenge that comes your way! You’ve got this! 

Ashley Kay