Boundaries are self care!

“Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others.”- Brene Brown.

Your business, your health, and your happiness requires boundaries to thrive.

Boundaries you set for yourself, boundaries you set for your expectations, and boundaries you set for your clients.

But it’s easier said than done right?!

When I first launched my VA business I created policies and procedures that I communicated to my clients. Things like what hours they could get a hold of me and how quickly they could expect a response. Great right? Not so much, because I never actually followed through on the boundaries I set. I told them they could only get a hold of me from 8AM - 5PM yet I answered emails at 10PM at night. I told them I wouldn’t answer text messages, yet I reached out to them to ask a quick question via iMessage.

Creating the boundaries is the easiest step in the process, the hardest is actually implementing them. I was afraid of sticking to the boundaries I had communicated because I worried that if I didn’t answer a client’s email at 10PM that they would cancel their services. Then one day I woke up and realized that the client who is going to cancel their services because I didn’t answer their email at 10PM is not a client I want to have.

And that same day is the day I realized how important it was for me to set boundaries for myself too! How much do I want to work each day? Do I want to schedule in time to run? My morning practices and evening gratitude time. 

When we set and stick to boundaries we create an environment, that supports a healthy mindset, business, and lifestyle. And in that environment every aspect of our lives will thrive! 

Ashley Kay