It's 3PM on a Wednesday, I haven't eaten and I want to throw my laptop off a roof....


Being an entrepreneur is all kinds of incredible isn’t it?! It’s empowering, it’s freeing, and it’s powerful. But what about the side of the journey that people don’t get to see? The side that sometimes makes you question if you are on the right path or not.

As much as being an entrepreneur is amazing, it can also be overwhelming, stressful, and knee-shakingly scary. But we don’t often talk about that side of the journey. Our Instagram feeds are filled with laptops on beaches and champagne cheers and money milestones. And while yes, those things are SO important to share (because hello we need to be celebrating and supporting each other), it’s equally as important to share your lows!

Your losses, your fears, your sleepless nights wondering if you will make enough money this month to pay the bills, the days you go without eating because you’re too busy, or the moments you literally want to throw your laptop off a rooftop. It’s SO important to talk about these moments too, because we ALL have them! If you think you are alone through your entrepreneurial struggles, girlfriend, think again! Even the best of the best face hurdles and setbacks and mountains that they have to overcome.

So the next time you have a bad week and your tempted to post a pretty picture of your office or a project you just completed, I challenge you instead to be raw and open. To share the struggles you faced over the past few days and to allow others to celebrate your resilience! Together, we CAN overcome the challenges that we as entrepreneurs face, if we recognize them, acknowledge them, talk about them, and support each other through them!

If you are ever wondering if you are alone in your battle, hit reply on this email and I would be more than happy to talk with you!



Ashley Kay