Without a team, you will fail!

If you think you can run a business alone, you are going to fail. I’m sorry that is the long and short of it. You NEED a support system to help you succeed.

Not ready to build a team of employees? No worries! Support doesn’t have to come in the form of staff. While it can, and when you reach max capacity with your business I HIGHLY recommend you do hire and outsource work, it can also come from the people you surround yourself with every day. A team built of friends and family and colleagues and mentors and motivators….you name it, you need them! You can build a business alone, and you can face it’s challenges and changes alone, but I promise you you will be less stressed, stronger, and quicker to succeed if you have people supporting you!

Being an entrepreneur means you don’t sit in an office of colleagues that support you, that you don’t have HR teams or Accounting metrics or Lawyers who can instantly jump in. But that does not mean that you can’t build a support system that will help you and your business. Here are my top 5 tips for building a community that will support you and your business in the long run.

  1. Be BOLD! Reach out to others in your industry via IG or FB and ask them questions, or see if they will provide you with any information on how they built their business. You’ll be surprised by what people will share if you simply ask.

  2. Find a mentor. This is essential for running a successful business. This mentor may come in the form of a coach, or a fellow entrepreneur, or a successful CEO or your dad’s best friend. Find someone you can turn to when you have questions regarding your business.

  3. Join local entrepreneurial clubs and associations. This step will benefit you in two ways.

    1. You will gain support from people in a multitude of industries. Hello Accounting + HR tips!

    2. You will be given opportunities to share your business’ information and what you do!

  4. Make time for people. The best way to make authentic connections with others who will and can become a part of your support system is to make time for them. Be present, listen, give advice, share, receive. These may be your oldest friends, or a new IG connection, whoever they are make the time for them, nourish the connection and they will always be there for you!

  5. Lastly and most importantly, always always always give more than you take! When asking for advice, tips, tricks, support, help, hugs, love, make sure that you are giving these people more than you are taking. Trust me, the universe will reward you in return.

Looking for specific VA support? Send me a message and let’s chat, I am happy to provide you with guidance, motivation, tips, tricks and whatever you may need to succeed!

Ashley Kay