S.O.S.- Cruella is cramping my style!

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I have an inner critic, and her name is Cruella. She has a talent for highlighting my "failures", causing me to sabotage my goals and stop me from chasing my dreams. About a year ago I decided that it was time for Cruella to take a hike, and that I needed to put an end to the negative self talk once and for all.

My coach and good friend introduced me to the SOS method and I have been using it ever since. The next time your negative self talk starts sabotaging you, try using these steps to silence it.

  1. Stop. Actually tell yourself stop. Say it mentally, say it out loud, whatever you need to do to interrupt the negative voice.

  2. Observe. Take a moment to analyze what your inner critic is saying, what may have triggered the negative self talk, and how it's making you feel both physically and emotionally.

  3. Shift. Now squash that voice! Adjust your response to the critic by using positive self talk, as well as personalized techniques like your favourite pump up song (mine is "Fighter" by Rachel Platten!).

Before you know it, you'll be kicking your Cruella out the door.

And don't ever forget that you are capable, and brave and significant, even when it feels like you're not.

Sending you heaps of love and abundant vibes!



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Ashley Kay