In between goals is a thing called life!

Yesterday I took a midday break to run the Vancouver seawall (if you ever get the chance to visit Vancouver make sure you check out this beautiful landmark), soak up some Vitamin D, and clear my mind. 2 months ago if you asked me to do the same, the answer would’ve been an immediate NO.

You see I’m learning the value of balance. The importance of taking time for myself when I need it. It hasn’t been an easy process, as I’m an all-in, all-or-nothing kind of girl. As an entrepreneur, my business is a part of who I am, and at times it can become all encompassing. But I will no longer allow it to take away my me time.

The time that refills my happy cup, that ignites my creative juices, and that makes me feel lucky to be alive! “Me time” is essential to thriving in all areas of your life, but particularly when in serving your business and your clients. 

Today I am making a promise to myself to add a little balance into each and every day. I highly encourage you to do the same. Read a book, take a walk, go for a drive, do some yoga, or engage in an activity that sets your soul on fire. Your happiness and your business will thank you for it! 

Ashley Kay