Find the Joy in Organization


In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.”

From client checklists and multiple digital calendars, to countless travel plans and accounting paperwork, keeping you and your customers’ work organized can feel like you are standing in the middle of a tornado. Seriously, I have been there!

I’ve got you covered girlfriend! Here are the first two steps I take to get me and my business organized, start using them today and before you know it you will be #mariekondo-ing the shit out of your business!

Tip #1: Organize & De-Clutter your Work Space.

I don’t know about you but I cannot work amongst the chaos of a cluttered desk. Now I’m not saying go and throw out everything on your desk top, I love a good framed quote and succulent, but what I am suggesting is that you create a flow and organizational system that assists YOU in working as efficiently as possible.

  • Choose your necessities

  • Ensure everything has a home

  • Create named folders and sub folders

  • Create storage that is out of sight. Hello IKEA shopping trip!

  • Set a calendar reminder for a regular monthly/quarterly decluttering 


Tip #2: Optimize your To-Do List! So, now that you have an organized workspace, let’s talk about a to-do list!

There is not a one size fits all for to-do lists; hand written, digital, bullet points, quadrants, your to-do list should reflect how you work best! We are big fans of handwritten to do lists, and the satisfaction that comes with marking off tasks as they are completed! Here’s some tips on how to build a to do list that will having you checking off tasks in no time!

Prioritize tasks (the ABC method is easy to use!)⠀
Batch similar tasks together.⠀
Set deadlines for tasks ⠀
Use an app! Basecamp, Asana, Trello and others all have task tracking capabilities that send you alerts to remind you of your tasks that are due.

Whichever to-do list method you choose, ensure that it helps you stay organized by working for you, not against you! Happy tasking!!



Gillian Harvey