What I learnt from a new pair of flats!


When I started my Virtual Assistant business my friends and I created every piece of branding and marketing material. I know crazy right?! My best friend made my logo, I built my website, onboarding materials, and all of my Facebook ads.

Fast forward 14 months and a 6-figure company later and I figured it was probably time to get some professional branding help. So 2 months ago, I proceeded to dive head first into a massive research project. Who should I hire to create my logo, who would I like to design my website, and do I need a photographer to take new headshots? Not to mention, how much MONEY is this all going to cost me?

You see I knew the value in having all these things, but I wasn’t sure I was yet in a mindset where I was ready to make the full investment. 

The following day I was out shopping with a girlfriend when I saw this pair of leopard print flats. They were TO.DIE.FOR! You know that feeling when you see the shoes and you know you just have to have them?! Yup that was me in that moment. 

Without a moment’s hesitation I bought them, without a second look at the price or even one thought about the impact they would have on my credit card. That’s when it hit me… I could buy a pair of outrageously expensive flats without any thought, but I had just spent days obsessing over how much to invest in my business? Well that was a wake up call moment.

You see here’s the thing about being an entrepreneur, fear often stops us from taking the next step in business. Maybe for you it’s the fear of investing in a software program, or maybe it’s the fear of writing that potential client a DM, or possibly it’s the fear that your business won’t become as successful as you had hoped. The thing is, it’s not the fear itself that is stopping us but rather the fear of the unknown.

Don’t let fear be the reason you don’t take the next step today! You’ve heard it once and I will say it again, everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of fear.

Case in point, I hired the logo and website designers that I wanted, I booked the expensive photographer and I could not be HAPPIER! After the fact I realized that I didn’t ever fear spending the money, I feared that I would spend the money and not get the return I had hoped for.

So from this moment on, STOP fearing the unknown. Stop allowing the fear that your mind is creating to control your actions. Enough is enough, you’ve got big dreams to chase!!! Recognize the fear, feel it, and push it through it.

I am right here cheering you on, you’ve got this girlfriend!

Gillian Harvey