Mastering Email: 4 Tips for an Organized Inbox


Do you ever dread opening your email app? Afraid of what awaits and knowing how much time you are about to lose bogged down in inbox land? Or maybe a you’ve just had a new client inquiry, they want to hire you to manage their email inbox (*cue puking emoji). I’ve been there too girlfriend! 

That’s why I have put together my top 4 tips for managing any inbox. Implement these and you’ll be a master email organizer in no time! 

Tip #1: ensure that you are checking emails on a consistent and regular basis. Sounds like a no brainer right? Wrong. When I ask clients how often and at what times they are checking their inboxes, 90% of the time the response is “whenever I can get to it”. It is KEY to setup a checking schedule as frequent review will eliminate a large build up of emails and panic enriched state of how am I going to even read these all. I highly recommend morning, midday (noon), and early evening (before signing off for the night). 

Tip #2: when reading emails utilize David Allen’s 2-Minute rule. If the email takes you less than 2-Minutes to read and reply to, then handle it right away. If it takes longer then 2 minutes to read or respond to then add it to your to-do list and action it for later. ⠀⠀

Tip #3: use folders!! This doesn’t mean you have to create 1,000 different categories, sub categories, and so on in your GMail inbox (though one day it’d be good to get there), for now start simple.⠀

Action Item⠀
Waiting for response⠀
Customer Info⠀

This quick and easy step will help you get your emails organized and productivity rocking! ⠀

Tip #4: filter out non-essential emails with rules! Pretty much every major email program; GMail, Outlook, etc., comes with a feature that allows you to setup rules. We highly recommend a separate rule for each type of non-essential email. ⠀

Once you’ve setup your rules watch as your emails flow into their individualized folders and your inbox becomes more manageable! 

You’re all set! Happy organizing!!

Gillian Harvey