Organize, manage and track your tasks with THIS amazing program!


Do you ever find yourself struggling to organize and manage your tasks? You have hand written lists in motivational notebooks but you want to find a more structured and efficient system to meet deadlines, coordinate your team’s tasks and stay on track for deadlines? Cue Asana!

Seriously this program is THE BOMB!

Here are just a few of it’s many kick-ass features:

  • You can add multiple team members and assign tasks with deadlines…right down to the minute and hour

  • You can create projects that are organized by client so your clients can provide you with the tasks and information you need in one place

  • The program has multiple views; Boards, Lists, Calendar, and more! Providing you with a variety of birds eye views and cross-sections to keep track of your time and tasks

  • You can use the Timeline feature to create a plan that visually displays how all of the tasks and moving pieces fit together (can you say lifesaver for your client’s upcoming launch?)

  • Portfolios allow you to see the current state of each of your projects so that you can build reports, and maintain the integrity of your deadlines

Oh and did we mention, Asana integrates with over 100 other programs, allowing you to tie in your email, scheduling apps, and more!

If you are new to the VA world, this is a program you want to learn intimately. Asana is quickly becoming a must-have for entrepreneurs to run their businesses efficiently and effectively. Trust me when I say, your clients will love it and so will you! 

Insider’s Tip….colour code your projects so you can time block your days at a glance based on the workload of your tasks in Asana

If you have any questions about Asana, drop them below! I want to support you in any way that I can! 

Sending you love and good vibes for all the success in the world!

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Gillian Harvey