One size does NOT fit all!

Last week I received the sweetest message from a woman who has been following my Virtual Assistant journey and who is looking to start her own VA business (YAY her!). The DM read this….

“Hi Ashley! I wanted to send you a message to say THANK YOU for giving me the inspiration to start my own Virtual Assistant business. Watching you and your business succeed has shown me that I can do it too! I was hoping you would be open to answering some questions I have and sharing your secret weapon! Thanks in advance for any advice!”

Secret weapon?! Spoiler alert…..I don’t have a secret weapon! I don’t have some magic potion you can drink that will give you all the motivation and skills and knowledge in the world to build a successful business quickly. But what I do have is ME, and what you have is YOU! And THAT is your secret weapon!

Whether you are starting or scaling your business remember this… ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL!

How you and I define success are not the same. My milestones and money goals are not identical to yours, the mountains of challenges I face in a week are different heights and shapes than the ones you climb, and the journey I walked to starting my Virtual Assistant company did not happen along the same streets that you have faced.

After reading this woman’s DM 5 times (yes 5 times!) I thought to myself what if I give her all the advice in the world, what if I tell her everything about my business and it doesn’t work for her?!  

Because my journey, the steps I took to get to where I am today, the programs I use, the systems & processes I have built, these things have created a business model that is uniquely suited to me. And while I am more than happy to share every detail of it I want to emphasize the most important secret to building a successful needs to be uniquely YOU!

I don’t have your secret weapon! I don’t have your personality, your knowledge, your experiences, your drive, your grit, and your determination to make your business a success (in whatever success means to you). But YOU have it! You have all of that inside you. So use other’s businesses as your framework, allow them to guide you, then trust your intuition, and build your company in a size that fits you perfectly!

Ashley Kay