The most valuable thing you can make is a mistake.

Last week I made an error on a client’s email and even worse the client caught it before I did. When I opened my inbox Tuesday morning to find an email from them describing their disappointment, I immediately jumped into action. I laid out a plan to correct the problem, mitigate any damage (don’t worry I didn’t share anything confidential), and profusely apologize to my client. 

Rewind to 6 months ago and my reaction to that email would have been a LOT different. I would’ve opened it, read their message, my stomach would’ve sank and tears would’ve formed in my eyes. I then would’ve spent the day in an anger and sadness induced-fog. 

So what’s changed?! Not much and everything, all at the same time.

I HATE making mistakes in any area of my life, but I particularly hate it when I make a mistake that relates to a client. I am an entrepreneur so that means I am a control freak, overachiever, and perfectionist all rolled into one. However I am also just a girl who spends every day trying to do the very best that she can and that’s why at the start of 2019 I vowed;

-To be kind to myself even when I make mistakes.

-To remember that I’m human and therefore not perfect.

-To own my mistakes.

-To always apologize as much as possible.

-To reflect on the process and actions that occurred leading up to the mistake.

-To learn from the experience.

-To never make the same mistake twice.

If you think you are going to build, run, and scale a business without making mistakes, then don’t shoot the messenger, but you are in for an eye opening experience. 

Mistakes are a part of growing, of evolving, of pivoting, of learning, of changing, of adapting, and ultimately of succeeding! Embrace the mistakes, let them teach you and let them guide you to the destiny you are meant to live.

Ashley Kay