The key to finding balance is living in harmony!

“We’ve all gotten the message that the more you work, the more valuable you are, and it’s time to heal this!” -Kate Northup.

Amen sister!!

Being valuable and successful doesn’t have to mean working 100+ hour weeks. It doesn’t have to mean missing friends’ birthdays or answering clients’ emails at midnight. It means finding a balance between your work and personal time, and saying goodbye to burn out. 

When you are burnt out you CANNOT show up as your best self for your clients, your family and friends, or most importantly yourself!

As an entrepreneur, I get the need to please. I get the need to believe that you have to do it all if people are going to share how amazing you are, or rave about your services, or tell others about how you have gone above and beyond time after time. I used to work myself to death thinking that the only way people would think I was successful or my business would reach the level of success I desired was if it I did it all. I was dead wrong.

The moment I changed my mindset to embrace balance, to put my phone away and be present with friends and family, to spend an hour a day on filling up MY happy cup, was the moment I finally ditched my burn out and achieved what I consider true success....the state where my business provides me with the financial freedom I desire, while giving me the time to do the things that light my soul on fire.

Want to know how you can achieve the state of success you desire? Stop working yourself into a state of burn out! Here are some of my favourite ways to ditch burn out and embrace balance!

  1. Schedule “me” time.

  2. Pursue your passion. Don’t do work that doesn’t light you up!

  3. Move your body!

  4. Find a hobby that does not relate to your business or job.

  5. Build a support system!

  6. Give yourself permission to turn off work.

When you let go of the idea that you have to work a million hours or do every single task imaginable to be successful, you will achieve not only the success you desire but find yourself finally living in harmony with your goals and dreams. 

Ashley Kay