The Ad that booked my first VA Client


I started my Virtual Assistant business in 2018 with the vision of making a big impact by creating a company that would support other entrepreneurs in taking their achievements to the next level of success.

So I prepared and planned. I setup my business, I created a website, I decided what services I was going to offer and what I wanted to charge, and then I stopped and thought to myself, but how do I find the clients? Cue my first ad below. In complete honesty, reading this today, I am cringing. BUT it booked me my first VA client, a client who still exists today, 18 months later. So here it is….V

Virtual Administrative Assistant for Hire 

Have you just started a new business?  Are your day-to-day administrative tasks sucking up all of your free time?  Is your company growing faster than expected (congrats!), and you need to find a way to keep up with the paperwork that is required to run a business?  I get it, I am an entrepreneur too, and I am here to help! 
Hi, I am Ashley Kay, the girl who gets sh** done!  I am a Virtual Administrative Assistant who provides professional administrative, social media, and creative assistance to clients.  I specialize in delivering timely, high-quality work, in fast-paced demanding environments.  My qualifications include, but are not limited to:- 3 years experience owning and operating a successful Wedding/Event planning business – Extensive experience creating proposals, presentations, and marketing/promotional material

– Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite programs

– 5+ years of experience building and maintaining Social Media accounts

– Demonstrated ability to create and maintain customer databases, as well as processes that improve day-to-day operations

– Strong background in all areas of office management, such as; scheduling meetings and coordinating travel, creating maintaining documents, and transcribing meeting minutes

–  Providing customers with an exceptional experience at every interaction

I can complete the following tasks (and many more):

– Proposal Preparation

– Creating Presentations, Marketing, and Promotional material

– Social Media creation and management

– Event coordination, from start to finish 

– Customer Database creation and management

– Email and calendar management

– Travel coordination

– Transcription and meeting minutes

– Much, much more! 

Rate: $18USD per hour + GST

100% Money Back Guarantee

Send me an email  today at, and I would be happy to share my complete resume, as well as discuss how I can help you build a successful business. 

I hope to hear from you! 

Many Thanks,


So there you have it, the ad that booked me my first VA client! Here’s the thing to keep in mind, you have to start somewhere! This was my starting point, from here I expanded my messaging and my client list to build a 6-figure business in 9 months.

Here’s the thing, I am no different than you! I am just a small town girl chasing a big dream, and if I can do it so can you!

Sending love and success vibes!



Gillian Harvey